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false stereo image and IMA compression

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Hey guys and galls, I''m currently working on a project and I was hoping to pick your brains about a couple of things: 1. Creating a false stereo image for an ingame ambient wind sound. I''ve got these great mono howling wind sounds, but the game engine I''m working for wants a stereo file. For rock, I usually create these either by double tracking and hard panning, or by EQ; I can''t really double track these wind sounds, and my EQing attempts haven''t been that noticeable. I''ve been experimenting with some short delays, but can''t seem to "hit that sweet spot." Any settings you guys could reccomend? 12ms? More? (Working in PTF). 2. The game engine wants 16 bit 4:1 IMA .aif 22025 files. So far, all the music I''ve done ends up sounding pretty crappy. I''ve tried compressing the bejesus out of the low end, but I still get this crackling sound on my low end. I''m using QT5 Pro to go from .aiff to IMA .aiff. Have you guys come across any tricks to prevent this? Should I just be chopping the lower frequencies (gasp!). Thanks, -nico

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