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I want to write a spline class that i will hook to my camera class to allow for predefined camera movement. The reason for this post is two fold. Firstly can someone please point me in the direction of any good articles (prefferbly including source) on splines and secondly what are peoples thoughts on how to tackle this problem. I thought that the best approach would be to link several splines together to form the camera path and then link a second set of splines to define what the camera is looking at. I can see potential timing problems here though if the splines are differant lengths.

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Look in the articles section of this very page! I would believe that this kind of thing might be under the Spline/Nurbs group in the ath section of the articles.

You would be able to make 2 curves and then have one be for the camera''s position and one for the coordinate it is looking at. These curves are parameteric (which is descussed in the very well written article) that means you plug in a t value, in your case between 0 and 1 to ake things easy, and the curve returns a coorasponding cordinate. Because both curves go from t=0 to t=1, your idea would work as expected.

hope this helps...

BTW, here the link: Bezier Curves and Surfaces
just look at the beginning of this article to learn how to ake Bezier curves, I think this is what you want!

Tazzel3d ~ dwiel

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