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An Irritable Gent

Surface locking problem

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Hi, I have an older video card (which I know is half the problem), but I''m sometimes having problems with *some* of the DirectDraw samples in "Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus" book: on some samples, when an attempt to lock the primary surface, I get a "DDERR_CANTLOCKSURFACE" error (I had to dig through the return codes to find this). According to the DirectX docs, this means "Access to this surface is refused because an attempt was made to lock the primary surface without DCI (Display Control Interface) support." My questions: 1. Why do *some* sample programs work that use locking on the primary surface? (ie. what could cause this to succeed sometimes and not others?) 2. What is DCI? 3. Is there an easier way (ie. a function) of determining the name of an error code rather than digging through the #include files? Thanks, aig

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There are two ways to answer question 3.
#1 Use the D3DX function GetErrorString (works for DD also)
#2 there is an dderr.h somewhere around the net which sums up all the errors.

The last truth is that there is no magic(Feist)

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