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3d animation

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Hi Guys, Can anyone of point me in the direction of a good 3d animation tutorial using c++ ? I don''t want to do frame based animation ( as done in older 2d games) but I want to use a bone-based animation. I''ve searched various websites but I can''t find anything usefull. I''ve also looked at the directx sample animation program, but it''s not the simplest example to learn from. Thanks in advance for any info. PS: I read somewhere that Jim Adams is working on a 3d animation book. Is that still happening and if so, what''s the eta on that?

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Sorry, I''m strictly a 2D fella
But I''ve gone through a number of Game Developer/GamaSutra articles to know that such things exist

FlipCode has a good beginning discussion(Feb2000)

And I found a good search page on google - "bones 3D source code"

PanardVision 3D engine its source code is available

It''ll take some digging but Good Luck

This was my answer to Someone else and they e-mailed me back that it had started them in a good direction

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I looked up under a wrong symantec and found what I needed. Thanks alot for the info guys, it''s much appreciated.


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