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Borland or Visual????

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Hello duders, Im an aspiring game programmer, and I know a decent amount of C++ at this point, but what, in ur opinion, is better for game development...Borland C++ or Visual C++?? HMM????

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I think that a Borland C++ compiler is free to download now, but I dont'' know what it''s capabilities are. Just do a search somewhere, I don''t know the exact address of the website. Cheers!

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bogdanontanu...if "Vizual is a joke to ''real games,''" then why did Valve use it to write Half-Life?

P h a n t a s m
"Through dreams I control mankind."

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I''d say go with the Microsoft compiler.... its code isn''t quite as lean, but it works flawlessly with every piece of DirectX and Windows API related code out there. It also has MFC, which is surprisingly powerful once you get over the initial "yeuch" reaction that seems to follow looking at it.

Also, the Visual C++ IDE is hard to beat.

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I have both compilers, and I would choose Visual over Borland any day for games. Visual C++ organizes projects better. All your files are just a click away...

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Yes, Visual C++ would be the way to go.. but make sure you download the Service Pack to update your copy to the latest version!

Borland C++ isn''t nearly as supported as VC.. although it is true that Borland 5 is available for free now..
You can get VC Standard edition for about $120.

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> Assembler is the BEST...but if u dont know it..
> then use Borland C++ ...
> Vizual is a joke to "real games"

Well, I''d say Assembler is a big joke to "real games". Althought it is fast and small, it is unreadable. You just cannot create a big, complex game in assembly. Bug-tracking impossible, object management a pain, code maintenance not there.
Anyway, it''s always good to know a good portion of assembly and use it to speed up your code. Just don''t try to write an AI engine in asm, or a BSP system :D

Borland C gives you better error/warning messages,
but VisualC generates faster code and has a very good IDE.
I think this guy just wanted to say something against Microsoft, VisualC is sure the best compiler system out there.
In "real games" you''ll want good structured code, this is a programming problem, but VisualC does a very good job in supporting the user with extremely customizable syntax highlighting, a good project/workspace manager and other things.
The other point is, VisualC''s quality (and not Microsoft''s marketing) made VC the standard for game programming. Nearly all libraries and projects you''ll find on the net are ready out-of-the-box for VisualC.
Smacker, Genesis3D, Miles Sound System, DirectX, all those big 3D-engines like UnReal, Quake, LithTech, most multi-platform projects (like CrystalSpace) just support VC for Win32, etc. etc.
And there just isn''t any proessional developer not using this "vizual joke" for their projects.

Just to mention a few, Quake2/3, Half-Life, UnReal (tournament), Shogo (lithtech), Drakan, Tomb Raider, Descent3, StarCraft, Command & Conquer, BattleZone, Messiah, Need For Speed, Final Fantasy, Carmageddon.

I have worked with BorlandC and VisualC,
both deliver an easy project configuration and menu guided control to beginners. After you''ve got some experience, you''ll fairly early begin liking the VC IDE more, because it can be fully controlled with the keyboard, you don''t need for move your hands to the mouse the 101.th time just to add a file to your project and such. You can also modify the entire IDE including toolbars and menus to your needs.

(just had to write that, I don''t like it when people make things bad just because they''re from Microsoft. If MS ever created something good, it is VisualC!)

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Dear Phantasm..
Visual (joke) is used mainly for 2 resons:
Pro.1.The need to do smthing real **fast** on a very tight shedule...
now this may be good comercialy speaking ...
but it sure aint real programming ...
I mean drag and drop of buttons and objects ..god forbids
even ActiveX controls on a form is programming?
IMHO its just design at most...

Pro.2.Beginners who want to make good impression...
No need to comment on this do i?

Now it is known that smthing like visual is slow....
Visual hides real thing from u so u are more and more away from the hardware and system software.This makes You a more advanced user after all....
Real Programmers like that?
If there is a Bug in Visual (and there will always be at least one) ... then u cant do nothing about it..u have to Live With It.... if u can and find a strange way to go around...

Need i say more....

Oh yes ..on Half Life
Are u sure u know what they really used? and anyway almost all comercial games will enter at Pro.1 Section

Ps. What the hell do they do in a 3D shooter if Direct3D and T&L does it all? besides the story o mean?


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PS All u Guys with C

No I didnt mean to say smthing against Micro$oft
(but now i did)

IMHO ASM is better really...
and i i had to choose a "high level language" i will
use FORTH then pascal and then (yes at last) VC...

But this is just MY OPPINION.. i know it aint yours
dont worry...be happy

And YES i am writeing a huge project in ASM and YES it is a RTS and i dont feel like i nedd VC not even to the AI Part

and YES u are right with Project management
(it is better in VC)
but that dosent really have any links with VC it can be there for any language...just that ppl wrote it more for VC and that everybody is using VC ...
makes VC better without thinking?

But u are free to fell an do diffrent ...aint that wonderfull...

Yours ASM Fan..

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