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Making, selling games

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Every once in a while a come across a post where the poster is talking about making a small game and selling it. I just read one a minute ago about some dude that made a game, which took about 3 months to make (he said), and is considering selling it. I want to know how this works. When ever I go to ANY computer store, the only games there are Quake3, Unreal Tournament, and Warcraft III. How the heck does Joe Blow (no offence, Joe), fit into the picture?? I certainly dont see 10000 little 1-person-3-month games in any stores. How are these people making money, and how much money can they realisticly make? thanks a whack. ----- It''s not my fault I''m the biggest and the strongest; I don''t even exercise! [edited by - AndreTheGiant on December 4, 2002 6:20:06 PM]

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Usually indie developers don''t sell their games in stores. This isn''t always true as some publishers will publish the games on CDs with single cases and no boxed. At computer game stores you will usually find them on a spinner rack with a bunch of other clipart CDs and other cheap programs.

The common way to sell games is through shareware on the Internet. Most times an indie developer will not make much money through it but there are always exceptions such as Snood. Hope that helps with an understanding.

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