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Backwards textures in x-files

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hi Whenever I export something from maya4 with the microsoft maya4 export plugin all my textures are backwards. Then later I started to notice that the geometry is too. Example: if I made a building with a door on the right side, it will be on the left side in my game. And anykind of textures that I put letters on for instance..street signs..the words are backwards. Does this have to do with the way the plugin was made or my game engine? Any help would be great.

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Yup, you'll notice all the sample .x files are backwards too. I just converted to a right handed system and everything displays correctly.

If you want to stick with the left handed system, you could edit the extractor to negate all the X axis values. Or if you just want the textures flipped correctly, when exporting check the "flip U" box under modeling options.

BTW, if someone has a better solution, please chime in.

[edited by - polygonsheep on December 4, 2002 10:22:30 PM]

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