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Normals on the Fly

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ok, im programming a 3d editor (low poly, similar to milkshape) and they way i store data is such: AddVert(0,0,0); AddVert(1,0,0); AddVert(0,1,0); then i reference verts to create a triangle AddTriangle(0,1,0); AddTriangle(1,0,1); ... this is so that shared verts get transformed properly & to avoid pushing duplicate data ... now, becuase a vertex can be shared:
     V1 |
N2- - - +---+
        |  / 
        | /
see, it has 2 normals (and potentialy more because of the Z) so, i was wondering if i could calculate the normals per frame this would mean 4 times per frame (4 view ports) seeing its a low poly editor, or should i figure out a way to store all the verts normals properly ? any advice or past experiences that may help .. thanx in advance dan | silvermace [EDIT: mistakes] [edited by - silvermace on December 5, 2002 2:39:25 AM]

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You get the same issue when it comes to texture coordinates and colours. What packages like 3DS Max tend to do is store each vertex component in a separate array and have separate face index array for each.


POSITION positions[numPositions];
COLOUR colours[numColours];
NORMAL normals[numNormals];
MAPCOORD mapcoords[numMapCoords]
FACE position_faces[num_faces];
FACE colour_faces[num_faces];
FACE normal_faces[num_faces];
FACE mapcoords_faces[num_faces];

typedef struct
u16 vertexA;
u16 vertexB;
u16 vertexC;

typedef struct
float x, y, z;

- Makes it much easier to change attributes such as mapping coordinates AFTER they''ve been applied. i.e. you don''t need to re-index every component of the vertex.

- Each vertex can have as many of each component as it requires.

- The data stored is easy to extract to certain APIs and very suitable for some consoles (e.g. GameCube).

- When exporting from a model creation package it''s always better to have more data than you need rather than not enough.

- It makes it much easier to turn individual components on/off (e.g. "show vertex colours").

- Higher memory usage

- Doesn''t map well to PC APIs so needs conversion and re-indexing - this applies for preview rendering as well as export.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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