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Debuggers Needed

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I''ve recently complete a screensaver based some early work I did this year and need some help in debugging it. Download it from the following link and tell me what you think, does it work? does it look alright? any comments? FUSION MP3 SCREENSAVER Thanks in advance, Kiel ---------------------------------------------------- Silent Beginnings 2002 EMAIL: gilleade@hotmail.com

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The openGL graphics work nice and smoothly. I like it alot!

It didnt detect any MP3''s in a few of my folders though, for some reason (even though there definatly was some there). Another point: The bars that jump in time to the music, are they actually working off pitch and bass etc.?

How about making the particles jump in time to the music instead? Just an idea.

Yeah, I really like it and Im gonna keep it as my screen saver. Nice one.

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What was the name of the folder path that failed and i''ll see if i can fix it (folder paths that are over 512 chars and dont end with either \ or / will automatically fail).

The spectrum is replaying the amplitude of the mp3''s different frequency band''s.

And as for having synchromised particles, i did play about with the idea but i was getting behind with my work and decided against. I''d probably introduce that in a future version.

Thanks for testing fusion, Kiel.

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Ahh yes, I didnt place a / at the end of the string. Nice if you could browse to the folder

I wonder, that seems really cool doing OpenGL screensavers. Youve ignited an interest - know of any decent tutorials on the matter?

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Took on board what you said version 1.1 now has a browse option.

Thanks for the advice, Kiel

Download FUSION MP3 SCREENSAVER Version 1.1

p.s. if you want to write your own screensaver have a look at the following sites (they contain several different types of screensaver + source code):


Depending on which example you follow your screensaver will only function when certain requirements are met e.g. the gravity screensaver uses a timer to activate the drawing function which is typically bad for complex screensavers, and the minimal screensaver will refuse to work on machines not set at 32 bit colour resolution.

I myself started off by tearing the minimal screensaver to pieces and built it back up again as my own screensaver (see the Outcast screensaver on my site for the end product), before moving on to designing more complex screensavers as seen on miika's site.


Silent Beginnings 2002

EMAIL: gilleade@hotmail.com

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