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Implementation of Shadow Map technique discussed in [Williams 78]

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Has anybody successfully impemented this technique (in real-time) for shadows, in a non-trivial scene, using just the information from the depth buffer? There are a lot of presentation discussing the tecnique, but the reason I ask is that the depth buffer doesnt provide enough percision to distinquish objects in the distance (also it's not linear). Should I continue to pursue the using of the depth buffer or should I implement my own depth map generation either is software or using some shading based technique ([Wolfgang 99])? Thanks [edited by - _walrus on December 5, 2002 9:52:38 AM]

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Check out the "Perspective shadow maps" paper by Marc Stamminger and George Drettakis from SIGGRAPH 2002 (pages 557 - 562)

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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