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Help with ras.h---- RASDIALPARAMS

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Hello, I need help in filling in the members of the structure Here is a code snip: RASDIALPARAMS my_rasdialparam; /* creaing object */ /* lets fill in the structure */ my_rasdialparam.dwSize=1; my_rasdialparam.szEntryName[]=""; my_rasdialparam.szPhoneNumber[]="phonenumberhere"; /* my first goal would be to set szEntryName to an empty string "", and then set szPhoneNumber with a phone number, but somehow its not working. Sorry, I have trouble understanding the MS help files */ Thanks alot

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I''m not quite sure what ''TCHAR'' is, but as far as I could see
from MDSN it''s some kind of char...

So, just like char* you can''t go and say
char* mychar;
mychar="hello" // This won''t work.

Instead you''ll have to alloc the pointer, then copy the

my_rasdialparam.szPhoneNumber=new TCHAR[lengthOfPhoneNumber];



If my_rasdialparam.szPhoneNumber was a string, I''d say your
error was putting the [] there...

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