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Diversified RPG Experience

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Experience in current MMORPGs seem to derive mostly from killing monsters and occasionally from finishing a quest. Sometimes experience can be gained from more peaceful actions, but the bulk comes from fighting. I''m considering implementing a system that takes into account different fields of experience. These could for example be: - Adventure xp. Fighting monsters or finding a hidden door. - Social xp. Raising a NPCs or some factions estimation of you or getting a good deal. - Ingenuity xp. Casting a difficult spell or crafting an artefact. In order to gain a level the player would be forced to acquire experience in all or at least some of the fields. This I hope would encourage a more diversified style of play. Also there should be an escalating treshold as the pc progresses through levels, meaning that smaller feats yield no xp for high-level pcs forcing them to deal with things worthy of their capacity. Opinions anyone?

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I am also working on a system that awards exp for things other than combat, but it works a bit differently.

Any action you perform using a skill will gain you generic experience, and raise the "cap" on that particular skill (by an amount somewhat greater than the experience gained), if the difficulty of the task is in line with the skill level (ie, you can''t just gain experience by completing menial tasks constantly).

Experience can be spent at any time to raise a skill that has been used enough to lift the cap by a point or more.

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It has been implemented in a KOEI game called Uncharted Waters. You are basically a newbie sailor start with a very small amount of money. You can do whatever you want to reach your goal, from killing pirates, be pirates, trading, etc..

It is a good system, I very enjoy it. Here''s why.
In Uncharted Waters, you have two kind of levels:
Navigation Level
Battle Level

Navigation level increases as you sail. More time you spend on sailing, the better the level is. It improves some of the stats, such as Knowledge, Leadership, etc.
Battle level increases if you engage in a war with someone and win. It improves the other stats, Swordplay, Courage.

What makes me want to play more is when I see my char like this:
Navigation Level 25
Battle Level 1
Don''t you hate it? Your battle level is just 1 while your navigation level is 25. Or:
Navigation Level 5
Battle Level 20

I always want to implement that in my RPG game, but right now, I don''t make any RPG due to lack of man power ^^.
It''s good, but don''t put too many level types though. Two or three is enough.

My compiler generates one error message: "does not compile."

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