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Split Screen kickass fun. Got pie?

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Yeah, I know... but I had to get your attention, didn''t I? Heh... Anyhow, I have released a sample of the FFT engine that will build the game itself. Right now it is a fun split-screen demo. Invite a friend over, kick his ass, or get yours kicked. Who knows? Anyhow, any opinions and stuff would be nice to hear. Mind that this is my first attempt at this, so it might be hairy... Comments and so on can either be posted here, or on the project homepage. Remember to download BOTH the latest binary and the latest addon pack. Extract both in the same folder and prepare to kick ass. ----------------------------- Final Frontier Trader
Guest Anonymous Poster
........there seems to be a record amount of "asskicking" in this post

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Guest Anonymous Poster
wut kind of pie lol, and do you mind describing what kind of game this is before i download it? aka, what genre is this "asskicking" splitscreen demo, you know....

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Oh right!

FFT is a asskicking 2D top-view shooter. It is meant to be a mix between a strategy spaceship simulation and RPG. Exact description can be read on top of the project page (link in my signature).

The splitscreen however is a 800x600 windowed demo of two ships (blue and red) fighting it off. You have a small radar so you can locate your opponent and the one with most score at the end of the game wins.
Just plain kickass fun. Something to spend time with if you and a friend have nothing to do. ^^

Final Frontier Trader
Guest Anonymous Poster
i''m a little weary to post a reply to this thread, as my ass is already starting to feel kicked...sonuvabitch, it IS kicked!! your game busts asses!

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Okay I played the game for about 5 minutes and here are some suggestions:

- Make the ships blow up!!! I see you get points if your bullet ''passes through'' the opponent. That''s not fun. Add in some explosion images and animate them with random ship movements when a ship gets hit x number of times.

- The music is O.K. but I think it has too much organ in it. Try a score with the same bass but replace the organ with a guitar. That would sound much cooler.

- Make the ships go faster. I could probably walk in space faster than these ships go. People like speed.

- Give the ships some space physics. Spaceships do not normally turn around instantly in space. Remember that moving objects have inertia. Make the ships velocities so that if say I turned my ship completely around while it was moving forward, it would now be moving backwards until I turned on the thrusters in the opposite direction.

- Particle system? Particles add a lot of visual coolty (is that a word?) to your game.

- Animate some thrusters when the player presses the accelerate key.


All in all I like the idea though. Good job with the split screen although you may want to work on the clipping a little bit. I noticed my ship did not fly into my opponents screen in one fluid motion, rather, it just appeared as a whole and disappeared as a whole. This only happens with the left and right sides it shouldn''t be too hard to fix since you already have the clipping done for the top and the bottom.

Well done. Splitscreen games are great! It''s just still early in development (v.52) but I see it becoming a fun hotseat game. I can also give you some more feedback when I get to test this game out with my best friend (another avid gamer/developer like myself).


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