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Environment bump mapping - GeForce 3 and 4

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I have a GeForce3 at work and a GeForce4 at home. I added environment bump mapping to a water reflection, and everything works fine at home. But on the GeForce3 at work, the reflection is tiled all across the water. The bump is not tiling, but the other texture is. Same exe, most recent drivers, also the same card. I have also tried software vertex processing and everything in software (reference rasterizer). Software VP doesn''t change anything (it still doesn''t work), but it works fine with the reference rasterizer. I guess the problem really is the card. So what can I do about that? I tried both the release and debug DX runtimes, no difference. ---------------- Blaster Computer game programmer and part time human being Strategy First - http://www.strategyfirst.com BlasterSoft - http://www.blastersoft.com

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