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converting a 256 color image file into a simple array

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How can i convert an image file into a simple array containing the numbers corresponding to the color of each particular pixel, assuming the image uses the same "default" palette. The type of image file doesn''t really matter to me, whichever i can do this with is the one ill use, so .bmp, .pcx or whatever else is fine. For example...if i create an array: image[32][32] and i fill each variable inside that array with the number 2, then i cycle through the array plotting pixels with the color parameter being whatever the value inside the array is, in this case always 2, which is a bright green color. So basically what i want to do is take image files, all made with the same basic default 256 color palette, and convert them simply into a string of numbers, where each number corresponds to the color of a pixel. I want to leave out headers, palettes, everything...except the pixel colors. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Tell us more... What OS/API are you using? Will be a lot simpler to explain a method more directly with code.

Otherwise all you need to do is just load an image and then just let ever element in the array point to a pixel on the bitmap.

Here''s some pseudo code

int array_for_pixels[32][32];
char *pointer_to_pixels = (char *)bitmap.raw_pixel_data_pointer;

for(int y = 0; y < 32; y++)
for(int x = 0; x < 32; x++)
array_for_pixels[x][y] = pointer_to_pixels[x + y * bitmap.screen_pitch];

Try that, but tell which API and OS you are using.

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Well im using regular C, compiled on djgpp. Im using the general idea of the code you gave above...im going to see if i can get it to work, i assume i can try this with a windows bitmap? Ill post whether or not it worked. Thanks for the reply and the help.

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