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Problem in VC++NET but not in VC++6 (sprintf)

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I just tryed working on my project with VC++NET which I had been working on with VC++6 I found that my code is not doing the same thing. I was using sprintf() like this... sprintf( buffer, TEXT("%s"), bmptxt.rollingNumberInt(100,playerunlock,4)); where rollingNumberInt() returns a char pointer (the text representation of the number I want to be in the buffer) with VC++6 this all worked So when I compiled this with VC++NET sprintf() does not put the the string of what the char pointer is into buffer, it only fills it with garbage. I took it back into VC++6 and it works fine (this was done on the same computer) whats up? has there been some change to sprintf() in .NET that I am un aware of?

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Original post by Drastick
sprintf( buffer, TEXT("%s"), bmptxt.rollingNumberInt(100,playerunlock,4));

Wide-characters ? Unicode ? Locale issues ?
Do you need wsprintf ?
Can you use std::stringstream ?
Or maybe std::wstringstream ?

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wsprintf works thanks! It''s just strange that sprintf worked on 6 but not.NET I''ll test it later it see if it was caused by something in my project.

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If you want to use sprintf then get rid of the "TEXT" macro in your second parameter. In a UNICODE build that is expanded to a L and makes the string a unicode string, but sprintf expects an ANSI (multibyte) string. In an ANSI build the TEXT macro is not expanded, so sprintf will work there.

VC++6 uses ANSI by default and that is why your code worked there, but .NET (I believe) is UNICODE by default.

wsprintf on other hand expects a "wide" (i.e. unicode) string.

Check out the "TCHAR" functions in tchar.h. basically, MS provides functions such as "_tsprintf" (I think that is right) that expand to the ANSI function (e.g. sprintf) in a ANSI build and to the wide function (e.g. wsprintf) in a UNICODE build.


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