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Need advice on scrolling algorithm for vertical shooter

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Hi guys, I''ve been planning on starting work on a top-down vertical scrolling 2D shooter, and I''ve been having a bit of trouble figuring a good way to handle the scrolling. It seems that loading the entire background level into a buffer in memory is a waste of memory and is probably not very efficient. But aside from that, I''ve just got a few vague ideas on what I can turn to next. BTW, I should mention that I was planning on using tiles for this. Maybe I''ve got a problem there? Anyways, I was also thinking about using a double-buffer type system, where you load one section of the map into one buffer, and the next section in another buffer. Then when you get to the end of the sector, swap them, and load the next section of the map on the buffer that was just used. Is this a decent algorithm? I''m not sure about the efficiency of this one either... I haven''t seen any turorials on the net about this, but I''m sure that there must be something out there. (I''m also sure that there are some pre-build engines or kits to do this sort of thing, but I''m not really interested in that kind of thing. If anyone can give me some advice or point me in the right direction (or website or book) I''d really appreciate it. Thanks! mike

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