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about meshes.

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got a few questions about meshes. maybe someone could help. 1. what does Drawsubset draw?. 2. How do i render a mesh without using Drawsubset? (pleeease code) 3. what is a subset. 4. And how can i keep the subset apart when i making a 3d model in, lets say 3D studio.

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1. it renders a part of the mesh, say you have a cube and a sphere made in milkshape, drawsubset zero would draw cube, then 1 would draw sphere

2. you have to extract the VB and IB, use ID3DXBaseMesh::GetVertexBuffer(..) ID3DXBaseMesh::GetIndexBuffer(...), then render them manually by using DrawIndexPrimitive..,

3. a part i guess

4. well i think if you don''t group them in the modeling package, their are considered subsets..,

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i'll just write down the steps here okay?

LPD3DXMESH pMesh // presumed intialized

// on init
dwNumOfVertices = pMesh ->GetNumVertices();
dwNumOfFaces = pMesh ->GetNumFaces();
dwVertexShader = pMesh ->GetFVF();

// on render
pDevice->SetStreamSource(0, pVB, sizeof(CUSTOMVERTEX));
pDevice->SetIndices(pIB, 0);
pDevice->DrawIndexedPrimitive(D3DPT_TRIANGLELIST, 0, dwNumOfVertices, 0, dwNumOfFaces);

well, i guess that's about it, just don't forget that your CUSTOMVERTEX struct should contain the required data according to your fvf, you could check your mesh fvf with the mesh viewer, usually it comes with a position, normal, and tex coords,

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