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ESP not being reset properly...

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I''ve got a slight problem, i''ve got some code in a dll i wanna run from an exe, now with the exe and dll binded togeter normal it all works fine, however for patching reasons I want the loader program to be able to dynamical bind to the dll to call its init function. I added the code which I thought should do this, and the program all works fine, until this init function returns at which point I get an error saying ESP hasnt been reset properly, this is often due to the parameters parsed not matching the ones given. the relivent bits of code follow :
typedef int (__stdcall *tIDLLD)(HINSTANCE hInstance, LPTSTR lpstrCmdLine, int nCmdShow);

int WINAPI _tWinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE /*hPrevInstance*/, LPTSTR lpstrCmdLine, int nCmdShow)
	int nRet;
	// jump into DLL to do all my init work

	// do it via LoadLib so we can unload stuff to patch :)

	HMODULE loaderui = LoadLibrary("loaderui.dll");
	if (loaderui == NULL)
		// flag error

		// probably dialog box

		InitDLL  =  (tIDLLD)GetProcAddress( loaderui, "InitDLL" );  // InitDLL (entry point)

		nRet = InitDLL(hInstance,lpstrCmdLine,nCmdShow);
the function is found and bound correctly as it all works, however on return from the InitDLL call I get the error above... I dont THINK my calls are mismatched.. however.. Code for the function being called in the dll
 extern "C" {

LOADERUI_API int InitDLL(HINSTANCE hInstance, LPTSTR lpstrCmdLine, int nCmdShow)
	// Init''s the DLL

	// TODO: deside if we want to us the DLL or exe''s hInstance here

	// based on the calling functions init I _think_ we should be using the exe''s hInstance

	WriteLog("Fader Log", NULL,0);
	WriteLog("::InitDLL ","Init AppModule",1);

	HRESULT hRes = _Module.Init(NULL, hInstance);

//	int nRet = Run(lpstrCmdLine, nCmdShow);

	WriteLog("::InitDLL ","Starting Thread",1);

	CloaderThreadManager mgr;
	int nRet = mgr.Run(lpstrCmdLine, nCmdShow);

	WriteLog("::InitDLL ","Shutting Down",1);

	return nRet;
WriteLog() is my own custom routines for log writing. I''m a bit lost as to whats up tbh, unless its related to this function being linked C and using C++ objects and called from a C++ linked function.. which truely is my last ''out there'' idea... i''ve no idea whats up.. any help muchly appricated

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ack, dont worry... I fixed it on my own... added __stdcall to the C function and changed the function call I was looking for to _InitDLL@4 (I''ve since changed the fucntion prototype to take a pointer) and its all working now...

amazing what a few hours away from the code will do for ya

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