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Math Question Real Quick

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Hello I am not new to programming but sadly i am new to advance mathamatical formulas and some of their symbols. Can a few of you clearify the following of what they do. thanks. here they are. In some of the formulas there is a BIG E with a n-1 or whatever above it and i = 0 below it where i is anything. what is that. does it represant a loop? also there is a circle with a + inside it. what is that. is it just another term for plus in those kind of formuals? well that is all i think. if any of you can recall a few others that might show up later, can you explain those also.. one more thing. please dont tell me to go get a class or a big book on math. i know linear algrebra and geometry, i just dont know the advance symbols, all i want is a quick explantion.. thanks alot.

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The big E is Summation. It is just like a loop
It starts at the number below, and goes to the number above. It sums whatever is to the right of it.

E with m above, i=n below and f(i) to the right evaluates to:
f(n) + f(n+1) + f(n+2) + .... + f(m)

I've seen the circle with a plus in it before.. i can't recall what it is right now though. if I remember, I'll reply.

cirlce with plus inside = exclusive or

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