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Can any professional Programmers help me with a math project? It'll take 2 seconds..

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Hey....thanks for even reading this in the first place......I''ve got a project due in Algebra 2 in a couple days and I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions of an interview. They are as follows. 1) Name: 2) Email address: 3) Job descriptionas a programmer...not any other jobs you might have). 4) Training you recieved: 5) Highligh duties that require math (i''m not sure what that means......don''t answer it if you don''t Thanks again, Colin Vinson (If my math teacher writes you (i doubt she will) and asks if i interviewed you, say yes.)

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1) Name:
2) Email address:
see profile

3) Job description:
Software Engineer

4) Training you received:
Trial By Fire

5) Highlight duties that require math:
I never use any math, especially not any algebra, that''s for certain. Complete waste of time. I mean, it''s not like you ever have to multiply or add variables together when you write code.

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name: pete
email: see profile
job description: programmer at an electrical engineering company
training: formally: maths degree programming :none - self motiviated soak it up.
duties: solving electrical grid systems using decomposition and inversion of matrices representing system impedances. newton raphson too.
some graph theory.
multiplication, division, some addition (c:

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