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NeHe GL Tutorial Lesson 37 Cel-Shading -> How can I view the Model.txt file?

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Hi! Does anyone know a way to view the Model.txt file in the Data folder for Lesson 37 on Cel-Shading? It''s too big for Notepad and comes out as rubbish with Wordpad and Word. I even tried Pico, a UNIX text editor, and no luck there either. =( If noone knows how to view Model.txt, then does anyone know where I can find some readable Model files for doing Cel-Shading so I can learn to write my own? Sorry if this is a nooby question, but ummm, I am a nooby! =) Thanks. "A thousand mile journey starts with the first step."

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Guest Anonymous Poster

it''s no (8bit character) textfile at all, it only has the .txt extension the same thing happens if you rename a model.jpg to model.txt

maybe it is some kind of unicode textfile, they also look kinda rubbish in the wrong viewers ..

but i think this is a simple datafile wich originally have no own extension and the author just saved it as .txt

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