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break, nop and cop processor instructions?

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Please help! I am trying to find out about the common uses for the break, nop and cop processor instructions found on many of the current processors.

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Dunno what break and cop do, but nop is a no operation instruction and is sometimes placed after a branch instruction automatically by the assembler.

This is because the processor doesn't know if the branch will be taken or not (although prediction is used) so it will automatically execute insturction(s) after the branch statement (otherwise it would just stall, and that is never good). The instruction(s) after branch instruction can't have any side effects if the branch IS taken, so if the assembler can't find a useful instruction that has no side effects, it will place a nop instruction there.

[edited by - civguy on December 8, 2002 6:20:22 AM]

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j2: You''re talking about MIPS assembly language found on MIPS CPUs.

get the docs here

NOP = No OPeration
COP = CO Processor instruction

I''m sure you asked the same question about the same 3 instructions about four months ago...

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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