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I''m having trouble with DirectInput and mouseclicks. Every frame, I call a function which checks the current status of the mouse by first updating it''s state and then checking mouse_state.rgbButtons[0] & 80 for true. This works fine, except that it''s too fast. Meaning that when one frame passes, ok the user has the button down. Ok, then the next frame comes up, but the user still has the button down, but not on purpose, it''s just that my frames go by too fast for the user to click once and then let go in one frame. So, my program think the user has clicked twice. Is there an easy way to solve this? I hope I''m making some sense here . Visit our web site: Asylum Entertainment

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Yes, in its most simple form:

 if(dimousestate.rgbButtons[0] & 80) {
   if(!button_pressed) {
     button_pressed = 1;
     // do something
 } else {
   button_pressed = 0;

I''ve used a similar way in my TrueFX-library, a DirectInput manager allowing to do Quake-like key-binding. There''s a function GetState() to obtain the current state of a bound key/axis and GetSwitch() which will return true only for the first time it is called after a key has been pressed, and only again if the key was released inbetween.

If you want to take a look,
(english page; html documentation; examples)


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