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Complex numbers <-> Real Numbers

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Anyone know how to implement complex numbers in c and then change them back into real numbers when needed?

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Hmmm... converting complex to real... well I think I understand what you mean... here''s my 2 cents
say you had a complex number c = a + bi
you can find the magnitude
/c/ = sqrt(a^2 + b^2)
and the angle
angle = atan2(b,a)
or from angle and /c/ (the other way around)
c = /c/*cos(angle) + /c/*sin(angle)i
one way to implement a complex number in C would be
to define a structure
typedef complexnumber
int a; // real part
int b; // imaginary part
} complexnumber, *complexnumber_ptr;

complexnumber myfirstcomplexno;

myfirstcomplexno.a = 10;
myfirstcomplexno.b = 3;
so the number would be c = a + bi = 10 + 3i
and write functions to convert and perform operations

Hope this helps,


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NickGA, ints are no good idea for a and b; they should be real.

typedef complexnumber
float a; // real part
float b; // imaginary part
} complexnumber, *complexnumber_ptr;

btw, ln(a+bi) = sqrt(a^2+b^2) + i*arctan(b/a)
logc+di(a+bi) = ln(a+bi)/ln(c+di)
e^(a+bi) = e^a*(cos(b) + i*sin(b))
(c+di)^(a+bi) = e^(ln(c+di)*(a+bi))
sin(a+bi) = sin(a)cosh(b) + i*cos(a)sinh(b)
cos(a+bi) = cos(a)cosh(b) - i*sin(a)sinh(b)
all those functions are defined in the complex numbers, but I don''t think you''ll need them *g*

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