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Simple DDraw Font Thingy

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I need a simple function to output the FPS, I thought there was a DrawDebugText, is that fast enough, and does anyone know of a tutorial on writing a font engine, because onece I make a console Ill probally need my own font engine. Thanks A LOT!

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Yeah, I''d like a font engine too, although I''ve seen many easy to implement ones, I don''t won''t to slow it down any with windows Device Contexts. Is there a way to do this without DC''s? Or are DC''s plenty fast enough?

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Well.... I can''t give you my font engine code, but I would, except this ain''t my PC and it hasn''t got any code on it because it isn''t mine. I''m using it because my internet connection on MY PC decided to die on me....
HOWEVER I can tell you how to do it, so you can QUICKLY + SIMPLY (avoiding all the pitholes I fell into ).
So. First, declare a struct along the lines of:
int length;
int totallength;
then, have a function (in a class if you prefer) like this:
NOTE: here IDirectDraw7* Draw, is assumed declared along with IDirectSurface7* Letters, and LetterStruct Sizes;
void CreateFont(char* FontName,int Size,int Start,int End,DWORD TransColor) {\

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