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Anyone making an online game here?

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Is anyone making an online multiplayer game played over the net here? What''s the URL to your game? How hard was it or is it to do the server/client coding? thanks!

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I had a couple of slow weeks at work a while back
so I made a muliplayer screen saver so you would
know who''s screen saver was kicked in. While
movement was based on a personality you chose,
you could also control the icon manually and
change your icon. It was written for NT, so I had
to use DD3 and DirectPlay.

The toughest part was learning how to deal with packet buildup
and keep everyone synq''ed. I had made ATL DirectX wrappers
and pulled them all together in a VB app. My server was
written all in C++ though. I recommend doing something
simple like this first to learn how to handle things.
It can be a lot trickier than you think.


My opinions do not
reflect the porn
industry in any way.

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I am working on a MUD right now... I am coding all the sockets with WinSock. The client side coding has not yet been done, but the server side is all taken care of. I put all the messy socket stuff in a class called GateWay, which then reads the socket, and puts in in an array (which any other function in the program uses). I am still coding all kinds of things, and my sockets are untested, but so far, it has been pretty easy.


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Re: "multiplayer" screen saver

That sounds like a really fun idea. One question though... did the SSavers all connect to some type of host? When thinking it through I figured they must, buy I may be wrong.

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