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Sounding you out...

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Hey you Directsound freaks out there, About a year ago, I wrote all the directsound code I ever thought I''d need. It did it in a sort of stupid way-- since all my sound files were going to be in the same format, I wrote a little routine to peel out the wave header, and leave me with a file that just contained the wave data. Worked nicely. But now, a year later, I want to mix and match my wave files, because I''m going to let users add new sounds in. Well-- I read up on wave format, and I switched my routine over, with the help of the dsutil.c file in the sdk. Kaboom! Whenever I play a sound now, I get the most miserable cacaphony of sound you''ve ever heard. So, I ask nicely, can someone give me a tip on coding a simple routine that makes a directsound sound buffer from a wave file, no questions asked? I already have my directsound object made-- I''m looking for advice-- or actual code, if anyone has it, to put in my WavefileToSoundbuffer(dsoundinstance,filename) routine. Thanks a gazillion! -- Goodlife ----------------------------- Think of your mind as a door on a house. Leave the door always closed, and it's not a house, it's a prison. Leave the door always open, and it's not a house, it's a wilderness-- all the vermin creep in.

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I am still sounding out DirectSound myself. Here is the code (sans errorchecking) I use to load a static buffer:

fc is a wave "Format Chunk", designated by the "fmt " tag in the wave file.


memset(&dsbdesc, 0, sizeof(DSBUFFERDESC));
dsbdesc.dwSize = sizeof(DSBUFFERDESC);
dsbdesc.dwFlags = DSBCAPS_STATIC;
dsbdesc.dwBufferBytes = data_size;

w.cbSize = sizeof(WAVEFORMATEX);
w.nAvgBytesPerSec = fc.average_bytes_per_second ;
w.nBlockAlign = fc.blockalign;
w.nChannels = fc.channels;
w.nSamplesPerSec = fc.samplerate;
w.wBitsPerSample = fc.bits_per_sample;
w.wFormatTag = fc.formattag;

dsbdesc.lpwfxFormat = &w;

void *data = 0L;
DWORD bytes = 0L;

//: may be unsupported

//: note: buffer is an IDirectSoundBuffer * being
//: returned via method parameter, so its already
//: IDirectSoundBuffer**

HRESULT hr = m_sound->CreateSoundBuffer(&dsbdesc, buffer, 0L);

hr = (*buffer)->Lock( 0, 0, &data, &bytes, 0,0, DSBLOCK_ENTIREBUFFER );

//: fip is a file input pointer positioned to
//: the start of our wave data ..
//: fill our buffer with data
fip.read( (char*)data, data_size );

hr = (*buffer)->Unlock(data, data_size, 0,0);

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