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OK here it goes... Bill Gates == Bill Clinton scape goat. MS is a rally point politically. That''s why the trial. AOL/Time Warner is MS compitetion on the same level, but anyone admitting that would let MS out of the trial. As for which is better, MS gives a nice platform that includes pretty much all you need. Is it the best software in the world? God no. But it makes life easier for ALL people, power users, casual users, and pros, that MS makes a one stop shop. People buy convenience. Gates knows this. Why do you think MS marketing and development tries to make things as easy as possible for users. And they let stronger users adjust things as they want (if only Apple realised not all people are dumber than they.) Is there a monoply? No. Aggresive business tactics, of course. Gates is a good business man. Ruthless? Maybe, but if you want to know true ruthless tactics of monopolies read about Carnegie or Rockafeller. Gates is not in their league. The important thing that if the DOJ can hurt MS (that has not been proven quite yet) that hurts all computer businesses. MS does have a big influence on all computer fields and all damage done to MS will be felt by all the other businesses. BTW, the decision to split MS into to companies is the dumbest idea possible. That just shows that the judicial branch of the USA has know idea about technology or business practices in general... oni316 Happiness is a purple chickadee hanging upside down on a lemon tree.

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