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software rendering

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I want to incorporate a software renderer into my program and I am having difficulty finding good examples and/or tutorials. My program is targeted towards win32. I already use d3d, glide, and opengl and I want to do a software renderer just for research. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This is the best I have found.


There are also some good outdated books:
Black are of 3d programming (decent, but all DOS based).
Zen of Graphics Programming Black Book (Incredible book, but mostly 16-bit assembly for an old VGA).
Good luck


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Best book for any kind of graphics work ( for anyone starting out anyway )

Computer Graphics - Principles and Practice, by Foley and Van Dam. This is a very very good text on just about everything from a theoretical viewpoint. To fill up your knowledge about more practical things such as how to implement texture mapping - check around here on Gamedev or on www.flipcode.com, www.opengl.org, www.gamasutra.com...

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