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DIBs and MASKS...

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Hi all, As part of the editor for my game, I am allowing the user to load in bitmaps that get compiled into a game file. So, I am using the windows api commands to bitblt these preview images onto a window. Works fine. But now, I want to include a background bitmap on the back of the window, for puposes of letting the user align some of the bitmaps he/she imports. The problem is, of course, that most primitive of graphical problems that we all face the first time we turn on a computer-- the square bitmap. That''s right-- when I bitblt, I get a square around my image. So my problem is, how do I do mask blitting using the windows API? I''m familiar with using XOR and OR to turn a mask+bitmap into a transparent bitmap, and I also know about the MaskBlt windows API command... but I can''t expect my users to provide a mask with every bitmap they import. Does anyone know how I could take a DIB, and copy it into a mask? I''ve already been able to duplicate it as a monochrome bitmap, and use that as a mask. The problem is, I only want the color white (255,255,255) to be transparent. When I convert it to a monochrome bitmap, it moves colors to their best match, which gives me a mask with holes in it. I''ve been fiddling around with setting the DIB bits, but I''m terrible with the windows API. Can anyone help? To review: I have a bitmap, already in a handle (HBITMAP hbm) I want to turn it into a monochrome mask with the color 255,255,255 as transparent. Please help!!!!! -- Goodlife ----------------------------- Think of your mind as a door on a house. Leave the door always closed, and it's not a house, it's a prison. Leave the door always open, and it's not a house, it's a wilderness-- all the vermin creep in.

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