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Bitblt mania...

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Hi all-- I originally posted this on the general programming board, and it''s not really directx, except in a distant way, but I usually get better results from people on this board, so here goes-- don''t flame me for bringing a winapi question over... I''m writing an editor for my game, and I let the player pull in bitmaps. I preview these bitmaps for them on a window using BeginPaint,BitBlt, and EndPaint, and it all works very snazzy. However, I have some graphics that need to be aligned onto another graphic, and the user gets to do that, too. I wanted to display a bitmap on the window background, and then a bitmap in front of it. I did it, and I get the ''original mission'' of graphics programmers-- I need to Blt that other bitmap transparently. Now, I''m requiring users to use bright white as their transparent color, so I just need some way to make BitBlt draw transparent. I''m aware of MaskBlt, but windows resists all my efforts to use it. Furthermore, I can''t very well ask the users to generate a mask for all the graphics they''re importing. What I want to do is get a bitmap from the user, make a mask from it, and get MaskBlt to work. I fiddled with GetDIBits and SetDIBits, but windows just gives me a generic error -- "Invalid Attribute," and I don''t know what I''m doing wrong. I also don''t want to think about it. I consider the WinAPI to be a convenience API and I don''t want to spend a week trying to get it to do what I used to be able to do from scratch in about fifteen minutes. So, does anyone, especially you, Bumba, have a ''plugin'' I could use? Or, barring a plugin, surely someone has some pre-directx code that they wrote trying to make a game in windows and being FORCED to use BitBlt or whatnot? Thanks in advance!

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hi GoodLife

Yes i have code to do just that but it is in ASM...
(as i do all my games work now)

I started my RTS game in GDI first and had to
do it manually....

I will walk u throught:

1.First i use BitBlt...no maskBlt
i use an scrcopy to get whats under on map in a memory
(offscreen haha didnt know DirectX at that time)
2.Then srcand with a mask witch has full white as background and full black where the picture will be
3.Last srcor with my picture with is on a full black background

This makes an GDI Colorkey for black i think
(there are also other combinations that may work
i just did it this way first...so..why change? )

Thats it...
of course u can figure out a way to make a mask from a picture cant u?
(maybe u can ask ur user to use paintshop pro to do it )
just kidding....no harm done i hope

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