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DirectPlay action game.. where to go from here

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Well, it took me weeks if not months to finally get my directplay class working, and I setup this whole chat box system and tried to merge it with my top-down asteroids type space game I''m making. What resulted was a multi-threaded disaster. Where should I go for help on making a game like this? I just don''t know where to start. I think if I''m going to make a multiplayer game finally i''ll have to plan it to be one, but how does one organize a game to make it ready for multiplayer? DarkAgito darkagito@hotmail.com

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Ok, I know that is pretty vague, I mean what resources could you recommend me that would help me out with this? like client-server theory and such. The sample included with the directplay samples, duel, is really not very helpful. As it''s not commented much, the code is confusing and apparantly inefficient.


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dear dark,

yes example codes are explicit and *not* eficient its natural isnt it ...i mean u have to understand them easy
and after that to improve them...

On Multiplayer i can give u a tip:
try to use "universal dtermination" so to call it...
what i mean is that (if u can) :
1.syncronize all clients to a starting exactly the same pozition...and i mean variables and all
2.send only comands givven by each player to their ship/caracter etc
3. check that each client game has ended rendering a frame
then start over at point 2

oh yes and o course one of the games is a server as he
takes care of point 3 above
and if a server is drooped (battle.net style) get other
client to play that role

take care at *random* numbers in ur game...they have to be
the same to all clients (not so random i think )

and at last: all game will be going at the speed of the slowest pc in this game....eh..cant have them all

Good News is: u have to send tiny little data over the net
so u can go Internet if u want

Hope this helps
feel free to ask more

but cant help u with code because i do it in ASM
and feel like all u guys do it in C..

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ASM? I''m impressed

Ok, well I guess that''s not the most advanced method, but I suppose you have to start somewhere

and I didn''t know where to start at all.

So, here''s a sample frame on a client:
get user-input

move my ship

get other player''s info from server? <--- not sure how to do this

calculate any collisions, firing, death.. etc..

send frame completed message to server

That sound right?
then after the server gets confirmations from each client, it sends a signal to start the next frame?


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