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Darrell L

Extra Video Mode Change After Applying Windows Update(s)

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Hey all. I''m trying to get my work laptop up-to-date re: Windows Updates. Well, I''ve run into a problem with one of these updates that is causing my system to go through an extra video mode change everytime I run a DirectX application. This happens on every DX app I''ve tested, including the DX8 sample apps. If I switch from windowed to fullscreen to windowed and then exit the app, the video mode change re-occurs. It also takes the app significantly longer to go from windowed to fullscreen and from fullscreen to windowed. And this is with a fullscreen mode that has the same resolution and bit depth as the normal desktop mode. I''ve since uninstalled the 11 suggested updates, all of which are labeled as critical or recommended, and the problem has gone away. I''m running DX 8.1 on XP Pro with latest video drivers from the OEM. All of the updates are those applicable after SP1 has been installed. Anyone else run into this problem?

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