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Good books for neural networks?

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Can anyone recommend some good books on neural networks, becasue i would like to have a go at making some AI that learns

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I hope you dont get disencouraged after reading the book. Making NNs learn real game situation is really difficult, especially when you are not able to use genetic algorithms because of a high dimensional background.

the three PDP ( parallel distributed processing ) books ( I think they were by minsky and papert ) should be good, although I never read them, they are a bit too expensive for me

for Self Organizing Maps I really recommend Teuvo Kohonen - SOM , it''s really good to read and aimed to be a book to learn from.

( A really good german book on Neural Networks in general would be A. Zell - Simulation neuronaler Netze, but I dunno if there is already an english translation, I doubt it )

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Several relevant titles are listed in Will''s Technical Book List, found in the Publications / Presentations section, under Introductory Technical. If you want the perennial favorite backprop-trained multi-layer perceptron, try Smith''s "Neural Networks for Statistical Modeling". There''s no reason to stick to that particular architecture, though. For other interesting neural architectures, consider "Advanced Methods in Neural Computing" by Wasserman. An excellent introduction to machine learning methods and the issues surrounding their use is provided by "Computer Systems That Learn" by Weiss and Kulikowski.

Good luck!

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I''m sorry, I forgot to mention in that last message that Will''s Technical Book List can be found at
and contains brief descriptions of each title included.

Sorry about that!

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I would have to recommend my book . Primarily because it was specifically written for coders just starting out with neural networks (and genetic algorithms). Here''s a link:

AI Techniques for Game Programming

As Mr N mentioned there are also some introductory tutorials at my website.

If you want a more thorough and mathematical book, then you should get
"Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition" by Bishop.

Also "Neural Smithing" by Russell D. Reed is a very good book on supervised learning.


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I have a number of books on AI I collected, probably most of them are no longer in print. Definitely not state of the art, but they are most likely still useable as introductions to the topic (they are all less than 10 years old).

I''d be willing to sell them, or trade for books I am interested in (DSP, Audio, 3D graphics).

I also have a ton of Perl books I don''t want

Lessee ...
Genetic Algorithms in C++
C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
Computational Intelligence PC Tools
AI: A modern Approach
Prolog Programming for Artificial intelligence
Practical Neural Network recipes in C++
Games that Learn
I got some other one, but it kinda sucked...
Network Programming with Perl
Perl in a nutshell
Programming Perl
Learning Perl
Learning Perl/Tk
MySQL handbook

Most of the disks are lost.. thanks to a fire in the place I was storing them.. don''t ask.. but the books are fine they were in another location.

If this pisses off somebody, sorry, I am not trying to make a market place out of GameDev... it''s just I have books I no longer need, and maybe somebody else can use them, and we can make out a trade or something.

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