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DirectPlay action game? Start Over?

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I started to make a DirectX action game somewhat similar to subspace/asteroids, if you''ve heard of it. Well we started out planning to go into multiplayer, but we had never made a multiplayer game before So what ended up happening was that we were structuring the game as a normal single-player game, and then I whipped up a quick (took me two weeks) directplay class and implemented it with a chatbox. Then when we tried to merge these two together all hell broke loose, and we through the multiplayer plan out the window. So here are my questions: Did I have to start over? How should I structure an action game to handle like a client-server architecture? Where could I go where I could get some info on creating a game like this? (directplay sample didn''t really help, and it''s peer-to-peer) I just couldn''t figure out how to handle messaging and everything in an action game one thing we though was that we''d use spline curve interpolation for multiple points, is that far-fetched? possible? You only have to answer a few of the questions but please answer one! Forever Grateful, DarkAgito

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Guest Anonymous Poster
This is a good site for information on how a client-server game is structured .


Good Luck.


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