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Knuckle brain

DirectX 9.0 No AGP Support!

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Lo peeps, I have recently installed DX9 from microsoft, ext ext. Everything ran fine on DXDiag till I hit the display button. I use Gforce 2 MX200 AGP. It says AGP Texturing ehancements not supported, nor can I test it. I cant find a workaround to this and its making games (and life lol) much more boring. Is there anyway I fail to understand why this is happenening (I put my card in myself and I KNOW I put it in a AGP slot..lol. How can I solve this? Very gratful.! P.S It is mis-recognising my card into thinking there is appsolutely no APG hardware support here!

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You might want to install the newest drivers, or just wait for DX9-compatible drivers to come along. Testing the AGP surfaces is no longer possible in DX9 - for example I have "enabled" for AGP surfaces, but there just isn''t a test button.
Apart from that, I wouldn''t worry about it too much. I doubt any of your games are suffering from it badly or even at all, and if your life is suffering from it I would try counselling.

- JQ
Full Speed Games. Are back.

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