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C++ way for C thing

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Hiya all, I''m currently reading through Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus and got to the part where the author gives you a function for creating a Direct Draw clipper and getting it working. I have a question about this (which I think looks ugly):
LPRGNDATA region_data;
region_data = (LPRGNDATA)malloc(sizeof(RGNDATAHEADER)+num_rects*sizeof(RECT)); 
What is the C++ way to do this?Because for a starters I''d like to know, and secondly I''m going to be re-writing all his functions he gives you for doing DirectDraw into classes and such. I''ve consulted my C++ book but it only gives at most
new int 
, so on and so forth. Thanks in advance! Oh, and Happy Christmas! (Unless you don''t celebrate in which case; Happy December! Heh) ------- Spadge.

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LPRGNDATA region_data = (LPRGNDATA) new char [sizeof(RGNDATAHEADER)+num_rects*sizeof(RECT))];

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Guest Anonymous Poster
The C++ way would be to write a constructor that takes the number of rects as a parameter. Then, you''d do this:

MyRegionData* pointer_to_region_data = new MyRegionData(num_rects);

Alternatively, you could decide to create the object on the stack.

MyRegionData region_data = MyRegionData(num_rects);

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