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I just recently got a ti-89, and am loving all the cool stuff it has to offer. I was wondering if it would be possible to do this question on the ti-89 "What are both complex numbers z for which z^n = 1 and (z+1)^n = 1 are both satisfied for the same integer n" csolve(...., {z,n}) won't work because i figure there is more than 1 n that will satisfy this. I tried doing this solve(csolve(....,z)!=false,n) which seemed logical because the csolve returns false for every n that doesn't work, however this gave me a really weird output. of course, trying every n as an integer myself would work, and does work fine n+1->n:csolve(....,z) - pressing enter until it returns somethin other than false. However this is fairly ghetto, does anybody know how to do this the proper way? [edited by - EODCyismARDEM on December 24, 2002 7:18:04 PM]

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I''m going to close this thread because your question seems like a homework question, and given that you''re trying to solve it with a calculator it would appear that you are not solving the problem to develop a game. The forum FAQ (see below) should clarify the forum policy on homework questions.

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