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Trouble with glDrawArrays

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I never could figure out why glDrawArrays dont works when i pass a non-zero value to the "First" parameter, insead i am using something like: glBegin(GL_); for(UINT i = 0; i < NumVertices; ++i) { glArrayElement(FirstIndex+i); } glEnd(); that works fine, and if i insead use glDrawArrays(GL_, FirstIndex, NumVertices), i get some kindof "polygon soap" when rendering with a non-zero "First" parameter, i has ben tested the program into several machines and the problems still appears, so i dont know what can be the problem. If someone know why it could be happening, yeah, it works if i use the glArrayElement but.. well, i cant live without know why the glDrawArrays dont works, please tell me if you know something that can help me to figure out. Well, sorry for my english, i''m from Argentina Byez!

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