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how to actually MAKE a DEMO (interactive camera movement, tme-based, etc.)

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K, I often see these great demo''s on the net, and it''s not only demos, games also have this interactive stuff. I''ve brainstormed a lot on this already, but I''m not sure how to make an interactive demo with my engine. Some things: 1. How do I let the camera do exactly what I want each frame? 2. How do I do this for ''objects'' (NPCs) 3. How do I let the demo interact with my background music (not using the directmusic method where the music changes, just a wave file) (interact like on a music highlight (say some drums) something happens (camera bounces or so) 4. I think most of this has something to do with time based doing-things. What is the best way to do this? I''m not really into time-based things. (how to find out how much time there is between something that happened and now, etc.) Can you please explain me how demo-making works? I probably haven''t mentioned everything I needed to ask here so if you think you have other valuable additions, plz tell me Thanks in advance! I hope I can create a cool demo with your help

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