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C# LoadHierarchyFromFile Issue

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Hey, I've been trying to use this method, but all my attempts have failed. Since I'm new to C# I figure that I must be doing some wrong in handling the classes, so this is more a C# question than a DX9 one I based the project on the DX 9 wizard, so it has all the basic variables setup for me. ---------------------------------------------------- AllocateObj = new MyAllocateHierarchy(); LoadUserDataObj = new MyLoadUserData(); turretMesh = Mesh.LoadHierarchyFromFile("C:\tiny.x", Managed, device, AllocateObj, LoadUserDataObj); ---------------------------------------------------- The variables have been defined as: public class MyAllocateHierarchy : AllocateHierarchy { public MyAllocateHierarchy() { } override public void SetUserDataInMeshContainer(MeshContainer container) { } override public void SetUserDataInFrame(Frame frame) { } } public class MyLoadUserData : LoadUserData { public MyLoadUserData() { } override public void LoadFrameChildData(Frame frame, XFileData xofChildData) { } override public void LoadMeshChildData(MeshContainer meshContainer, XFileData xofChildData) { } override public void LoadTopLevelData(XFileData xofChildData) { } } private AnimationRootFrame turretMesh; private MyAllocateHierarchy AllocateObj; private MyLoadUserData LoadUserDataObj; I'm really new to C#, just started so I'm kinda lost here :S It doesn't give me an error message either since the try/catch in the d3dapp.cs (EDIT) class is catching the error, I don't know how to get the error message Thanks in advance Regards, /Omid [edited by - Omid on December 25, 2002 10:50:12 AM] [edited by - Omid on December 25, 2002 10:54:17 AM]

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