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Poor performance

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I seem to be doing something wrong.... I tried to make a very efficient tile system but when i check the framerate it''s like 33 FPS windowed 640x480 and 8(!!!) on fullscreen 1024x768. I also tried to make a little app that just blits 1 640x480 image on the screen each frame and i''ve been getting the same results from this. I''m not using any special flags with this result, but i tried settings/combining all of them. I''m using windows XP with a Gforce2 and the few high-end games i play all run smooth. The surface is 16 bit but setting it to 8 doesn''t really help me much. Please tell me what i''m forgetting.... thnx!

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You must make sure you convert any surfaces you want to blit to the screen to the screens format (does that make sense? )

SDL_Surface* my_surf = SDL_LoadBMP("blah");

my_surf = SDL_ConvertSurface(my_surf,screen->format);

Or something similar. There are also things you can do with the vid mode flags, like not having a HW surface necessarily etc.

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