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The Creation Of Fog / Smoke Effects In Direct3D

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To Whom It May Concern, Hello. I am Erik Long. Right now I am programming a 3D video game in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. I am employing Direct3D in this application. So far everything has been running right on schedule. I was able to create the environment objects and the overall environment itself without too much trouble. However, now my project has reached somewhat of a stand-still. You see, my video game is a 3D, first-person shooter, wargame. It is based on the American Civil War. Right now, I am developing the first level, which is a recreation of the Union bombardment on the Confederate held Fort Pulaski. Most of the action in this scene consists of bombs flying back and forth across the Savannah River. I have been able to create the bombs, (in wireframe) and fire them across the level. There is really only one detail missing, that being the fact that I cannot create a fog/smoke effect for the bombs. I need a way to create a smoke like mesh/entity, get it to follow behind the fired bombs and expand as they explode. I have made a note of the "fog" mode in the Direct3D library but am having trouble invoking it. Mainly because I do not know how. I simply need an example of code that would perform the above function. I would appreciate any help that I can get with this. I am very desperate. If you have any suggestions, comments, or a solution to this inquiry,please, feel free to e-mail me at : ErikLong@Mail.Com or reply to this thread (yes, the one that you are reading). You can also ICQ me at UIN: 42084722. Thank you all so very much. Cordially, Erik Long ErikLong@Mail.Com ICQ UIN: 42084722

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