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Attempting Xbox opengl port

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Hey guys. I really want to undertake a project which ports OpenGL to the Xbox. Why? Havnt got the XDK, and I hate D3D (:0) Anyway, how much of the windows version of OpenGL relies on "windows code" i.e. GDI contexts, and actual windows? I mean, sending the display lists etc to the card wouldnt involve windows code right? You see, the Xbox runs on a cut down Win2k kernel, but nothing is rendered to a window (with opengl on a pc), it''s rendered to the screen. I''m not an expert at all (hence why I''m posting here (:0) ), but the OpenGL librarys don''t have any window code in them right? Actual display is done by windows GDI copying the image from the colour buffer to the window (please tell me I''m right). So, it should be possible to utilise Opengl on the Xbox (since its got an Nvidia geforce) and write a function to copy from the colour buffer to the screen...... I think? Please tell me this should be possible (:0) I really would like to dev for the xbox, but I dont have access to the XDK (and legally, I wouldnt be allowed to use it).... Anyway, enough random rambling (:0) Thanks for any feedback, all the best, Dan Transformers Rulez!!

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i dont know how to do this, but try caustik.com because they are making and open source sdk or something for the xbox! (there site was down as of time of this post)

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