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GLu source code

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Hi I've seen many people talking about the source code of glu functions and did a LOT of googles to find a like or something... now is it really open source. and if so I need to get my hand over these functions... Thanks in advanced... __________________________________ Should I write something as a sig or is it ok to have more than 30000 signatures on Edit: sorry about the sig [edited by - guesswhome on December 26, 2002 11:42:53 AM]

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checkout MesaGL

apparantly SGI open sourced their implementation of GLU


SGI open-sourced their OpenGL Sample Implementation (SI) in January, 2000. This includes the GLU library.
The SI GLU library implements GLU version 1.3 whereas Mesa's GLU is version 1.1 or 1.2 (depending on which version of Mesa you download). We recommend using the SI GLU library instead of Mesa's GLU library since it's more up-to-date, complete and reliable. We're no longer developing the original Mesa GLU library.

Olivier Michel has made Linux RPMs of GLU for i386 and PowerPC. You can download them from the download area under Miscellaneous.

Visit the OpenGL Sample Implementation home page for more information about the SI.

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