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C# Surface Direct Memory Access (DD7)

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I am creating a game with Visual Basic .NET and DirectDraw 7 (through COM Interop). I''ve been able to get all the basics working great. However, I''ve come to the point where I could really use some alpha blending, additive blending, or other direct memory access (DMA) effects. I know there are a bunch of ways to do it in C++, but I''ve had problems with that. So my question is, have any of you been successful in writing a C# DMA library that interfaces DirectDraw 7? I think it should be possible with a little unsafe code . . . (I''d be very inpressed if you could do it in VB.NET :-)...) Thanks, Luke P.S. - Yes, I know, I should use DX9. I should do 2D with Direct3D. I should use C++ (or asm). Thank you for telling me ;-).

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