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Calculating LightMaps....

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Hej Justin,

Smooth gouraud shading for example:
- Calc a normal for every vertex
- Transform pos of lightsource from worldpos to objectpos (this is the tricky part...use inverse matrix transformation)
- for every vertex: calculate the angle between two vectors (vertex normal and vertex/line drawn from lightsource and vertex). To calc this angle use the dot product.

There''s also phong mapping:
- Like projecting x&y screen coords: project the x&y of the vertex normal to the lightsource (not the screen).
- interpolate like a texture
- Use a phong map (like a texture) to calc the intensity.

This is a verrrry compact explanation,
Hope it helps,

(For more info: baskuenen@hotmail.com or check out my homepage: www.baskuenen.myweb.nl (my 3d engine with some 3d tutorials)

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Cool! Thanks alot guys! I should be able to calculate it now in my map editor. Thanks again!

Justin Eslinger
"Quell - to kill, to torment, to reduce into submission"

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