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how to check to see if a file exists?

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how do i see if a file exists without creating it? this is the code i thought up: ifstream in;; if( { in.close(); return false; } in.close(); return true; basically, thats what i thought up... heres the wierd thing: it works perfectly in Borland C++ 5.02, but in Visual Studio .NET, it doesnt work... It creates a blank file, and then returns true.... pissing me off... any ideas?? M@ the MadProgrammer

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ifstream( const char* szName, int nMode = ios::in, int nProt = filebuf::openprot );
ifstream( filedesc fd );
ifstream( filedesc fd, char* pch, int nLength );



The name of the file to be opened during construction.


An integer that contains mode bits defined as ios enumerators that can be combined with the bitwise OR ( | ) operator. The nMode parameter must have one of the following values:

ios::in The file is opened for input (default).

ios::nocreate If the file does not already exist, the function fails.

ios::binary Opens the file in binary mode (the default is text mode).
Note that the ios::nocreate flag is necessary if you intend to test for the file’s existence (the usual case).


As you can see ios::nocreate is not set default.

so use :, ios::in|ios::nocreate);

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Zorak - that''s using the old iostream library. With standard iostreams, the ios::nocreate isn''t required - input streams never create a file - and there is no constructor using a file descriptor (except as an extension).

#include <fstream> // never <fstream.h>

inline bool FileExists( const std::string& filename )
return std::ifstream( filename.c_str() ).is_open();

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thanks, zorak, thats what i had to do...

M@ the MadProgrammer

oh, and God wants the choice of goodness, therefore he gives us the option of goodness vs badness, hence all the bad stuff in this world...

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