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So who here writes what?

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Who here is a writer? What do you write? What do you read? Writing is the art I do most often, and usually I write science fiction involving genetic engineering, psychology/sociology, and gender-bending. This seems to be where my current game idea is heading as well. My favorite book so far is C. J. Cherrhy''s _Cyteen_.

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Well, I write, but it''s not fiction. I like to write articles covering game development and 3D graphics in general. Just wish I had more time to do it...

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I''ve written numerous scenarii for pen&paper RPG.

I''ve designed and written a scenario (more than 30 chapters) for a Computer RPG game.
[Called ''GreyWorld''->''Grimonde'' in frensh.]

I''ve one book waiting to be finished, it''s a science fiction/fantasy book.
(And I''ve a animation movie scenario/storyboard at less than 25% completed, as well as another book)

I''m always having new ideas for a good game/scenario and I wrote them down for later use.

I''m working on a CRPG with a story not very far from the one in greyworld, but we''re slowing down the design to be sure not forgetting anything crucial.

My favorites books are : the Dune series, the lord of the rings, and some others...

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I write some fiction, occasionally. Not large amounts, I tend to take years to figure out how to write the story in the way that I like. I write lyrics too though, for my band, and I enjoy it a lot.

#pragma DWIM // Do What I Mean!
~ Mad Keith ~
**I use Software Mode**

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*I''m* a writer, too! Gee, could you tell by some of my other posts?
Ingenu, writing and running RPGs, despite what many people say, is actually VERY relevant when writing for games, too. It is one of my favorite activities in the whole of my existance, and I''m glad to see others are taking their inspiriation form tabletop stuff.

Long Live Shadowrun!

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I don''t know how to write, usually I just think what I wish I could do(Whether humanly possible or not) and would put it in a game. Is this good or bad thinking?
Of course rules are set but is this generally a bad idea to just go straight from what I want when writting a story?

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That''s not a BAD thing to do, but it isn''t the only thing you have to do. There''s a lot to writing, but I would advise you to avoid the most common mistake:

Before you write a single word, know how the story is going to end.

There. Combine that with your desire to do things you can''t, and bang, you''re a writer (well, kinda)!

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Original post by Landfish

Before you write a single word, know how the story is going to end.

That''s not _absolutely_ necessary, but it is a very good idea. BTW, if you''re asking questions about how to write in general rather than how to do a specific aspect of writing, the relevant term is "process". Process is one of those things that can be really different between writers. Some writers use a plot-based approach (think of the general plot first), some use a character-based approach (neat character first), some use an atmosphere-based approach (I want to write a story that feels like a Douglas Adams book), and some use an element-based approach (I want my story to have lions, androids, and a ruby carved into an apple). But whatever you start with, eventually you have to get around to them all. This idea is known as the circle of story-creation.
Anyway, enough lecture. Do you have any specific questions? Ask! Gamedev is here so we can help each other out.

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Naw, Naw, the lecture was COOL!

Anyway, you''re right. I am certain that an individual exists somewhere who writes amazing stories without a clue where he''ll end up. Most people aren''t him though.

The reason I am in favor of the knowing-the-end-before-you-start technique is because (IMO) it is a sign of a great story when there are things that just don''t make sense until the end. Otherwise, it feels like exactly what it is: not terribly well thought out.

Lecture #2 has now ended. Come back tommorrow, when sunandshadow and landfish will discuss the consequences of Nuclear Energy!


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Most of the time I wrote stories with key points, scenes I like very much and feeling I want other to share with me.
I write a story with a clue of what will be the main line and I work on the character, then I write...

Sometimes (most times) new ideas come in my mind while I''m writing, making me adding new plots/elements to the story.

I really enjoy working around an special scene, it can be an image I''ve seen and I based some story on or anything else.

Sometimes, I base a scene on music too...

I think each of us has a way to write.

Don''t wirte if yo''ve nothing to tell or nothing to share.

-* Sounds, music and story makes the difference between good and great games *-

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I use to write stories on BBSes about a psycokinetic dog. People really liked them and complained when I missed a few days. But I never thought out where the story was going. The main part of the story was the battles. I could always figure out some way to end it well.

In one story, I was fighting a giant shape shifter. Everytime I "psycoblasted" him, he''d heal quickly. Plus, he was damaging me faster then I could heal myself. To end the battle, I ended up making a telepathic link and driving the creature crazy by playing "Barney" songs over and over and making everything around it look like the "Barney" characters.

In another one, the creature I was fighting had on telekinetic repelent armor. Bad stuff. In the end, the guy that was fighting with me (who had a sword) shoved his sword into a joint on the armor. I "Psycoblasted" the sword, and the fragments triggered the open button on the armor. I then made a puddle of the creature inside.

I also used a lot of humor. In one, a giant with rubby armor was coming after me with a lead pipe. I didn''t have time to jump out of the way, so I turned the pipe into lime jello.

I use to write stories that other people helped out with. But this was the result of one of them (Nichole''s a wolf, Timothy''s a mouse):

(I removed a lot of mindless rambling as well)

94Aug12 10:14:48 From [woof] dog [woof]
(Nicole is a wolf, not a fox by the way.)

Nicole begins to walk past the sandstone walls when Timothy looks down at her
eyes with curiosity.
"What''s wrong Timothy?"
"Why aren''t you running? Arn''t you excited about our adventures that lay
"Yes, but running impatiantly won''t bring us to them any faster. Adventures
happen when they happen, by hurring you''re just as likely to miss an adventure
as you are to find one."
Timothy noded and sat back against the leather strap of Nicole''s shoulder

For days, Nicole and Timothy traveled. After the 8th day, Timothy was
beginning to wonder if they ever would find adventure or was he just getting
his hopes up?
After decending yet another hill, timothy shouts out in excitement.
"Hey, what''s that?"
Nicole looks down at where Timothy was pointing.
"Something metalic, it looks like", says Nicole.
Nicole aproaches the object. At first it apeared to be a metal bar sticking
out of the ground but after tugging on it with her teeth, nicole reveals the
blade of a long sword.
"Look at that symbol!", yells Timothy, "That''s the symbol of the rat god,
Timothy pulls out his history book and flips through the pages. "Diacca!",
Timothy says with great excitement, "The God of water and wind. It says the
rats spend most their lives on the water."
"Pi-rats?", said Nicole and chuckled...

E:cb woof

94Aug15 00:54:20 From [:Leaving soon] Chicken McNugget [Wish you were here.
Subject: Tim''s Cascade style Rabbits
And then time stared as his reproducing rabbits, thinking suddenly and
violently of smelts and lute fiske. Nicole hit him over ythe hread with a
frying pan and stuffed dead seaweed clippings into his nose, and told him to sh
it more often. This painfuyl taunting left a deep emotional scar that would
take mant years of therapy to erase later in life, but for now he went on with
his existence hindered only by his limited breathing ability and desire for
norwegian food.

------ The Spirelli of Self-Actualization

94Aug15 15:39:27 From [woof;33;40m] dog [woof]
Suddenly, Timothy hears a sound and turns around in his seat. As he does so,
Nicole, too, turns around facing Timothy the direction he had just turned away
from. Timothy turns again in his seat ond looks tward teh sound he heard
"Shhh", says Nicole, "I think I heard something."
"Me too.", replied Timothy.
They''re then startled by a chicken smoking some pot.
"Hey, look, I''m a chicken nuget!", says the chicken and with that, falls on
his back. As Nicole aproaches him, the stoned chicken gets up laughing and
runs back into the woods, pointing at Timothy and saying something about the
smell of seaweed.
"Some people are just so stupid to get stoned like that.", says Nicole as
they watch the chicken run face first into a tree trunk.
After the chicken leaves, the two explorers take a close look at the sword
they found and notice there''s some blood on it. Timothy smells the blood
noticing a familure musky smell to it.
"I think this is the blood of a badger.", Timothy says with excitement, "It
still feels wet too, I bet a wouned badger must''ve ran up this way when the
sword fell to the ground. Let''s go, maybe there''s a battle up ahead. Oh wow!"
And with that, the two explorers run into the woods and down tword the sea

E:cb woof

E:cb woof!

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DAMN MAN! When you post, you post! Next time stick it on geocities and link to it buddy.

As Mr Cup always says,
''I pretend to work. They pretend to pay me.''

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Hey doggie, that sounds pretty much like Nethack!
Though that game is even more whacked out.

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Mr Cup, huh? Those were short. That was a small section from a story I was participating in with others. I always posted short on those to allow others to help with the story line. In the rooms that were solely my stories, I''d post sections of a story that are at least twice the length of that last post. Some day I''ll upload one of them.

(Notice I still have the same sig line since ''94? hehe, I''m in a rut! )

I''d still be writting stories, but I only go on the internet at work and I can''t spend to much time typing. Good thing I type fast.

E:cb woof!

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